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Okay! So I hit 10K recently (yuhuuuuu!!:3) and I wanted to make a little giveaway just to thank you guys! ♥  It’s nothing special or big but I still hope that you guys will like it! :)

The item you can win is a spiral-bound notepad in A4. I know that sounds really unspectacular now haha but the cool thing about it, is that you can design it! Or rather you can decide what pictures/text and and and you want on your notepad! :) I made this one for myself:


(sorry that it looks so dirty but I already used it a lot haha)

And here are some other examples:


(narutos pic is on the front here and sasukes on the back)








Now to the RULES! :)

like other series besides of naruto and want something else on
your notepad I will do it! (The only things I won't do are hentai/
yaoi and yuri)

I also don't care about ships! If you ship somethig that I don't like,
I will still do it.
 You HAVE to be one of my followers!
Because this giveaway is to thank my followers!
 You can either send me two pictures/your edits/your art and and and
or you can just ask me to do the caps for you. It's up to you! :)
I'm willing to help!
 If you want me to use your pics, please make sure
that they are over 1000x1000 px. I know that's big but if
I use smaller pics, the pics will look blurred.
 If you want someones art on your notepad,
please ask the artists for their persmissions first!
(I will ask the artist so don't lie!)
 If you're underage, please ask your parents for their
permissions! Because I need your adress.
 I'm willing to ship worldwide! :)
→ I will give 2 of these notepads away!
 You can win by liking or reblogging this post.
(I don't really care if you just like it! :) )
Winners will be announced on my blog and contacted
on Friday, 31st october 2014!

I think that’s it :)! Good luck! And I love every single one of you :*♥ (if you have questions please feel free to ask!)


Please reblog this!


Please reblog this!



my friend and i had to break a social norm for our sociology class so we drove around and catcalled boys (and one male teacher omfg) and they all looked so alarmed and confused and like they thought we were straight up crazy it was priceless and it rlly highlighted the fact that women just expect to be harassed when walking down the street whereas guys are just completely taken aback by it

this is a really important thing for people to understand




what is this magic?!

This magic is a Turkish technique called Ebru.  It uses dyes, paints, or pigments to draw on water, the finished image is then transferred to paper or fabric by laying it over the image.  

Also, watch more here.  And credit the artist: Garip Ay

This is also how one makes those marbled endsheets for books!




Author John Scalzi was on a roll this morning (currently 7:14 AM, 26 Sept. 2014) with a tweet he found from some guy sending out an “ultimatum” to women to “make a choice” between feminism and, well, men like him. So Scalzi launched into a truly magnificent set of scorchers, which I’m posting here for the delectation of people everywhere.

Also: I would like to thank that guy for setting the ultimatum. It makes finding a boyfriend so much easier when the undesirable ones wear a placard identifying themselves.


There is no problem that sass cannot solve


aro!clint is actually a p serious headcanon for me. everyone’s always telling him he sucks at relationships and pushes people away, he has a girlfriend in the fraction comics but she isn’t really featured and it feels like it’s a relationship he’s confused about and isn’t sure what to do with, he’s not sure how to define how he feels about his ex-wife, and the most profound and comfortable relationship that he has (though of course it has its ups and downs too) is his completely non-romantic relationship with kate 

it just, it feels like a portion of clint’s relationship disasters are because people expect something of him that he doesn’t understand or feel capable of giving/feeling, but he feels like he’s a failure if he doesn’t give or feel it, you know? he doesn’t feel like he’s allowed to say “this isn’t what i want” and so he tries to fake it and fucks up and ends up alienating people

and in my headcanon world clint realizes this, maybe with some help from kate or natasha or bobbi, and starts getting more okay with saying, “hey, friendships are really special to me and sex is cool sometimes with certain people but romance isn’t something i do” and he surrounds himself with people who understand that 

one christmas kate gets him an arrow with the aromantic flag on the end and they call it the “aro arrow” and hang it over the mantle 

aro!clint surrounded by people who love him and who he loves and who still get mad at him because clint’s kind of a train wreck regardless of whether or not romance is involved



I’ve seen some posts making this guilt trip of how the people who like to dress up as a sugar skull or the Catrina for halloween or whatever is racist and cultural appropriation.

Nah, it’s completely fine, as long as you are not totally ignorant about it or disrespectful.

Sugar skull represents the deceased, in a joyful manner. And the Catrina is just a social critic which became an icon later on for the day of the dead and Mexico. 

It is not offensive to turn this into a costume or an accessory because it already is, so if you want to dress up like sugar skulls on Halloween, do so, but atleast know it’s value.

Be open minded, don’t even hate, and share this rich culture we have with the rest of humanity, chill.

This post is about that eradicating guilt trip and blaming, and turn it into self awareness

Taylor Swift on Emma Watson’s UN speech and (last 2 gifs) on not “acting up” like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears (x)



ideal hogwarts students:

  • aromantic wizards being absolutely immune to amortentia, it only smelling like the ingredients put into it when they smell it, and teaching other students how to identify the stuff on any food or drink
  • gender confused ravenclaw leafing through glossarys of pronouns and accidentally getting 80% of the class to stay up leafing through similar glossarys, screaming out pronouns in the common room when they think they found one that may fit
  • slytherin students sometimes taking polyjuice potion to pose as one of their depressed members who was having a bad day and really couldn’t bring themselves to classes
  • kids who read about the second great wizarding war and, when reading about Severus Snape’s brave acts, argue “well yeah ok but he was kind of an asshole still?”

—Wizard broomchairs instead of wheelchairs. No need to worry about stairs when you’re floating, right? Just say “up” to it like you would with a broomstick and it hovers a comfortable 7 inches from the ground, though it can be raised and lowered depending on the wizard’s preference/mood.

—No one giving Wizards with ADD/learning/organizational disabilities any guff about the rememberalls they carry on hand. 

—Aspie and autistic Wizards with dazzling proficiency in more mysterious and complex branches of magic like Wandlore and wandmaking.

—The books in Hogwart’s library reacting to dyslexic students trying to read them and helping them: breaking up paragraphs, highlighting words, sometimes reading themselves aloud if the student is having a particularly difficult time or has eyesight problems.

—Professors enchanting gloves to use sign language next to them as they teach for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

—Neville Longbottom instigating a schoolwide program to foster better communication between students and teachers and better regulation of how house points are handed out, and the general effort toward a less stressful learning environment, referred to lovingly by students as ‘Deebass,” from the joking acronym, “Don’t Be A Snape”






HP Goblet of Fire Headcanon: Beauxbatons was primarily a Muslim wizarding school.

(photo from livesandliesofwizards, which was the first thing I thought of when I ran into this passage while rereading the Harry Potter books)

(and yes I know the horses drink whisky, which is not exactly halal, sshhh)

Its was french. It s
Was so clearly french.

Literally French. …….


Because French Muslims do not exist and no Muslims ever speak French and Muslim schools don’t exist in France and if they do they must be really shitty and there are no key Muslim educators in France at all and there’s never been any history of Islamic culture and politics in the Pottermore-confirmed Pyreenes, nooooooo, it is très impossible! Astagfirrulah!


learn some fuckin’ social studies and history and current affairs, people.

I rather like this idea. The French colonized a large part of North Africa, and it would be very interesting from a bunch of perspectives if Beaubatons had become the educational center for the French colonies as well as France itself. In the post-colonial era this might become a complicated decision for wizarding families in North Africa and other areas. Especially if there were a long-established school of magic in Baghdad, for example.