Would You Like Some Evil Tea?


Can you imagine a muggleborn getting asked why they’re attending Hogwarts. And they stand up and shout,

'Cause' I WANNA BE THE VERY BEST' another one stands,

'LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS' and the purebloods are like 'not again'.



Muggleborns at Hogwarts

I lost my shit at stomp stomp clap



I tried.




People always make fun of butch women’s appearance, but some of those big, muscular, “unfeminine” women frequently plant their asses between other women and predatory men. I’m speaking about the butches who have shielded me and my friends from physical harassment when we were young and drunk and visiting gay parties for the first time. I’m speaking about the butches who keep bathrooms a safe zone. I’m speaking about the butches whose lesbian rage is only outshone by their infinite compassion for baby dykes. 

Fuck your butch hate.

A long time ago, back when I was “straight,” before my very imposing wife was even my girlfriend yet, some jerk pinned me up against the wall at a party.

I was like, “Go away,” with my eyes glued to the floor and my heart pounding, but he wouldn’t. My boyfriend stood by and watched and said nothing.

She said, “Hey, leave her alone, you jerk!” and the guy was like, “What are you gonna do to me? This isn’t your business.”

Very calmly, she put her beer down, rolled up her sleeves, cracked her knuckles, and started walking towards him.

He bolted. I was amazed and I said, “What WERE you gonna to do him?”

"Oh I dunno," she said, "They always run off before I get there."

Later that night she drove me home and I threw up on her car. She still drove up to visit me in the big lonely city when I came out a year later, and her car door still made a sticky sound when I opened it.

"Trust No Butch" my big toe.


Take Off your shoes Karin


Papa Eren and Little Dude Levi for f-premaur



If your name is on one of these I just wanna let you know your parents are basic bitches with no creativity


Sounds like someone’s sad they couldn’t find their name on a coke bottle



And now my dad hides the salt from me…

A few days after the salt line incident, the lights flickered in the kitchen and my dad looked at me and said “don’t you dare. You lost your salt privileges”



And now my dad hides the salt from me…

A few days after the salt line incident, the lights flickered in the kitchen and my dad looked at me and said “don’t you dare. You lost your salt privileges”



I’m still questioning how Sasuke got that hawk summons earlier. Aren’t all sentient beings supposed to be under eternal Tsukuyomi? Even some pet cats got caught up in it!

So where the hell did the hawk come from and why was it still awake?

IIRC They stated it was summoned from another dimension, like all summons of that type. That means the ninja dog summons Kakashi controls, the toads Naruto uses, the cats that appeared in many episodes might have their own but I might be wrong on that, and all Orochimaru’s snakes etc are all still awake in their own dimensions as well (unless they were in this world and having been summoned at the time of the red moon’s appearance!) if they didn’t see the red moon in this dimension then they have their own moon in their own dimension, which is not under the influence of the infinite tsukuyomi.

Thus Kaguya is amassing an army (of super powered zetsu ninjas all under her control) seemingly intended to attack other dimensions, formed from every creature in this one dimension that can recognize and be controlled by the red moon’s influence.

The hawk was from another dimension- this type of thing has been addressed in canon in anime and manga previously, and was commented on during the fight when Sasuke was riding on the hawk. (But it might depend on whom you got the translation from~!)

There are some dimensions with nothing but water, where giant sea creatures dwell, there were episode arcs dedicated to that stuff. There was even an ep which talked about creating a summoning contract with a newly created being from the same dimension. Some call it filler so some people actually skipped it, but the rules of the dimensions which appeared in some of the episodes do count as canon when they were then applied in the manga like that afterwards. Just because people think it’s filler doesn’t mean it’s not relevant in some way later! It kinda worked as foreshadowing. Sasuke’s hawk summons is one example of that.

See, the issue I have with the claim that all summons live in another dimension is twofold:

A) Kakashi raised his summons from birth, including teaching them how to talk. (This only applies to Kakashi’s summons, though.)

B) The toads explicitely state that Mount Myouboku is a month’s travel from Konohagakure by foot, right before they tell Naruto that reverse-summoning is faster. Far away (nearly the length of the US coast-to-coast, I’d reckon) and well-hidden, yes, but not in another dimension. And this, I feel, probably applies to all the supernatural summons.

Like, I get that the dimension thing has been implied before for summons, but as far as I can tell, most of that happened in the anime? And this is the same anime that decided to turn Karin, Sakura, and Hinata into caricatures of themselves for shipping purposes and wrote the Curry of Life arc, so I’m not exactly willing to trust it.

My main problem is mostly just that Mount Myouboku is all but outright stated to be in the same world as the rest of the Naruto universe, so Sasuke’s hawks and all the other summons probably are, too. And that means it should have been under Eternal Tsukuyomi (unless it was dead and actually a Rinnegan Summons like Pein’s techniques).